22000 sq.m. land, on the Black Sea coast


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Planning Permission, For Sale, € 2200000
On the Black Sea coast
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22000 sq.m. land, on the Black Sea coast
22000 sq.m. land, on the Black Sea coast
22000 sq.m. land, on the Black Sea coast
22000 sq.m. land, on the Black Sea coast
22000 sq.m. land, on the Black Sea coast
22000 sq.m. land, on the Black Sea coast
Type: Planning Permission Price: € 2200000
Location: On the Black Sea coast Status: For Sale
Land Size: 22000 sq.m.  

Regulated land Tsarevo1 first line sea.

Located on a beachfront, 22500 sq.m., on the beach, right at the beach.

Located at 70 km. from Burgas to the town of Tsarevo.
Land with beautiful panoramic sea views. In the immediate vicinity is Strandzha mountain.

The city is located on three small peninsulas and four bays, which makes it unique in Bulgaria. The situation resembles the city of Rio de Janeiro in a much smaller scale (a lot of small bays and beaches, proximity to mountains). The coastline is indented, rocky peninsula, interspersed with small picturesque beaches. There are five coastal shoreline with the status of the beach: beach focal length of 420 m located in close proximity to downtown, beach Nestinarka 690 m in length in the Vasilikos; Popski beach is located 350 meters north of the city, beach Arapya length of 600 m located 2 km in the direction of. Lozenets, Oasis length of 800 m situated in 3-4 km in the direction of the village of Lozenets. In the south, is the top Papiya 502 m above sea level, the type that opens out to the coast town of Tsarevo and Strandja Mountain is awesome. Strandja is a nature reserve in Bulgaria, area in 1161 square meters. km. Obyavlen so in 1995. and covers the central Strandzha exit to the Black Sea. Strandja is the largest protected natural area in Bulgaria, established to preserve unique ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as for preserving the original forms Strandja folklore, culture and historical heritage. The Reserve's territory a little more than 1of the country. In 1933, it is here that created the first reserve in Bulgaria - Silkosiya.
Strandja is the only Bulgarian territory included in the five priority areas for conservation in Central and Eastern Europe. Strandja passes over the second-largest path for migratory birds in Europe - Via Pontica. The total number of species habitat, 121 on the indicator Park ranks first among the protected areas in Europe. Like any other place on the Black Sea.
Protected areas in the park Strandja - 14. The most famous of them: Paroria, estuary Veleka, Dokuzak, Rudenovo, Silistar, Krivinizovo, Moryane, Kamyk and others.

This magnificent place was chosen because:
exceptional beauty of nature,
an unforgettable sea view
excellent access to major roads and public services,
secure investment potential.
Thanks to the highway "Black Sea" from Tsarevo to the airport in Burgas is only possible in 60 minutes. Bourgas Airport is the second largest, and serves as a regular line of most European capitals as well as charter flights during the summer.

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