25000 sq.m. land, 7 km. from Troyan


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Planning Permission, Sold, € 75000
25 km. from Troyan
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25000 sq.m. land, 7 km. from Troyan
25000 sq.m. land, 7 km. from Troyan
25000 sq.m. land, 7 km. from Troyan
25000 sq.m. land, 7 km. from Troyan
25000 sq.m. land, 7 km. from Troyan
Type: Planning Permission Price: € 75000
Location: 25 km. from Troyan Status: Sold
Land Size: 750000 sq.m.  

25 000 sq.m. land.

On the main national roads, year-round easy access from several directions.
Very flat, almost no tilt and displacement.

Located within the city and some of them are adjustable, which will contribute to further action, and installation of communications.
Nearby there are no industrial enterprises in hazardous industries, and those who pollute the environment, anyway.

Located in an area with relatively low density development in close proximity to the park "Central Balkan" and the ancient Roman road "Via Traiana."
The area is bordered by deciduous forest, and have the opportunity to purchase and upon request.

Based on the above findings, the area is included in the most promising potential parts of Europe for hydrothermal resources.

Site that offers you great potential for development in several ways:

Leisure and health tourism

Therapeutic (full range of procedures) in accordance with complex security systems of European countries.

Geothermal energy extraction in a binary method.

The industrial production of iodine, bromine, boron, potassium, strontium, lithium, and others.

Other hydrothermal features.

Beli Osam is located in a picturesque area, 5 km from Troyan is the starting point for various hiking trails and ekoturove around Stara Planina. ? The village is a paradise for anyone who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. ? Hidden in the lush forests and picturesque Stara Planina, Beli Osam offers excellent conditions for recreation and tourism. ? The climate is temperate continental with a pronounced influence of the mountain. Precipitation above the national average in the form of snow about 50 days a year.


  • Troyan: 7 km.
  • Sofia (airport): 170 km.

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