About Us

About Us

'We' are registered in England and Wales, company registration number: 05837908.

Why we are different from the rest of real estate agents selling properties in Bulgaria?

Because we care and we follow through. You can always relay on us and we will not let you down.
Start from your first email enquiry, we try to get back to you within 2 hours by human generated email, yes 2 hours, not 1 or 2 working days.
We speak English, French, German, Spanish and Russian,, so if you would like to send us an email in any of the above languages, we will be more then happy to answer it. We can call and talk to you as well in any of these languages.

Further down the road when you want to make a viewing trip, we will help you with the tickets to Bulgaria and even book your accommodation there. Meet you at the airport in Bulgaria, take you to your hotel and later arrange a convenient time to view properties. We will help you with every meaningful undertaking in Bulgaria.

Some, but not all of our services include:

- Finding suitable property, based on your requirements
- Answer any questions you might have related to the property, the surrounding area, the process of buying in Bulgaria and your viewing trip questions
- Help you buy the tickets for your viewing trip, accommodation for your stay in Bulgaria, rent a car if necessary.
- Meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel and later show you the properties you would like to view.
- Provide you with qualified legal and financial help in Bulgaria, so you can have a sound advice when buying in Bulgaria - a foreign country to you
- On many occasions we can help you finance your purchase of the land in Bulgaria and / or the complete development project. Some of the favourable terms include putting down as little as 20% and do not repay off anything for the first year.
- Help you set up a company in Bulgaria as only Bulgarian nationals can buy land without incorporating
- Support you through the whole purchasing process and answer any questions you might have
- If you purchase the land and you wish to develop it, we can provide complete project management, architectural drawings, supervision and control, marketing and sales off-plan to our customers.
- Organize a maintenance services to look after the property, maintain and service it, pay any bills, cut the grass or do whatever you want done

To sum it up, we would like you to be happy with your purchase and make your investment ideas come true.

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